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Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes when you go to a conference, seminar or workshop?

When you enjoy a real classy, fundraising ball, ever thought about how all that came about?  From the purpose and theme down to the littlest detail of the event – the decorations, the glasses, the flowers, the invitations – all these are part of a process that takes time and a lot of running around to be able to pull off.

Event design is a lot of work.  While a great event planner must have the necessary qualities such as flexibility, organizational skills, people skills, time management and passion for getting things done.  Anything that would make planning and coordination is very much worth a shot.

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Event Canvas is an innovation that every event manager or organizer needs.  What is Event Canvas?  

Event Canvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models.  It’s a visual chart with elements describing an event’s promise, how it helps stakeholders to get their jobs done, resolving pains and creating gains within a set framework of commitment and expecting return.  The canvas articulates how the behavior changes as a result of having participated in the event as well as stating the required levels of satisfaction against expectations.  Additionally, the canvas outlines the costs and expected revenues in relation to the customer journey (service design) and the instructional design of the event.

Event Canvas is made readily available to all.  There will be a workshop on April 27-28, 2017 on Event Design, Level 1 & 2 Training, using the Event Canvas.  This workshop will be held at Treston Advance School for Professional and Continuing Education at BGC, Taguig.  

This workshop is for event managers & planners; but most of all, this workshop is for change-makers who want a hands-on approach to understanding, designing, and delivering events that matter by using Events Canvas. This innovation is definitely not one to miss.

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