How Taxumo Will Ease The Pain of Taxes for SME’s and Entreprenuers

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One of the most common advice you’ll get if you want to start your own business if that you need to have ‘passion’.

This is what Taxumo’s COO Ginger Arboleda has loads of. This COO is managing multiple businesses and other endeavors left and right.

But as you grow your business, you would also need to attend to the responsibilities that come with it.

One of the things that often make entrepreneurs and business owners cringe is taxes.

A husband takes out the worries

“My wife, Ginger Arboleda, used to worry all the time about paying her taxes for her other startup, Manila Workshops. Because I wanted to help her, I created a simple application that ran on her computer. It was enough though to remove a huge bulk of the stress and enable her to focus and grow Manila Workshops.” says EJ Arboleda, Taxumo’s CEO.

Now, how’s that for being a sweet, loving and thoughtful husband?

You’re the man, EJ!

This is what gave EJ and Ginger the idea of doing the same thing for other solopreneurs, startups, professionals, freelancers and business owners— for them to focus on their passion and worry less about taxes.

This simple yet brilliant idea gave birth to Taxumo!

Here come the Ambassadors!

Taxumo recently announced their first batch of Brand Ambassadors last July 20, 2017.

The best thing about these ambassadors is that they’re actual users and satisfied customers of Taxumo themselves.

One of the challenges that I’ve encountered is knowing all the details involved (filing taxes),” says Genesis Reonico, CEO of Online Jobs Univesity and Founder of DCAP. “Taxumo has a very nice user interface and it’s very intuitive. It tells you what to do, and what you need to pay.”

Another satisfied user and Taxumo Ambassador, Frances Sales of also adds,”Taxumo has helped me really pursue my passion and not worry about the nitty gritty and yucky stuff of business. Becuase I don’t have a team to help me, it’s great that I can partner with another entity who can fix everything else for me.”

Yoga teacher and studio owner of Treehouse Yoga, Rach Bonifacio also shares how she just loves her experiences with Taxumo that she always encourages her friends to use it too.

And there’s Raffy Vicente, a marketing consultant and business owner, who’s thankful that he switched to Taxumo to help him with his taxes. When Raffy’s former accountant failed to pay his taxes on time and cost him to incur penalties, it made him decide to take matters into his own hands.

These people have been to the ‘hell’ of preparing and filing their taxes. They got burned before.

They got burned before.

Taxumo is helping them worry less of their taxes and just allow them to focus on their passion– growing their business.

The Subscription Plans to choose from

The accessibility of Taxumo’s platform is just one of the things that make it enticing.

Taxumo is easy on the pocket too!

Yup, you heard it!

They’re affordable!

You can choose from the Basic or the Premium Plan.

If you want to learn more about these affordable plans, go ahead and click on this link.

The Taxumo’s Vision

“We designed Taxumo to help every solopreneur, self-employed professional, and freelancer. With our affordable subscription plans which enable access to the many features of the platform, we hope everyone can begin to focus more on their passion and worry less about their taxes,” says the Taxumo CEO (and loving husband) EJ Arboleda.

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