Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Tax Workshop

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The TRAIN is here! Don’t be left behind! 

The Tax Reform for Acceleration And Inclusion or (TRAIN) aims to rectify gaps in the present tax system, allowing it to be more effective and equitable.

The TRAIN represents Package 1 of the Comprehensive Tax Reform program of the current administration.

This workshop shall cover the implementing rules and regulations related to the following components of TRAIN:

1) Lowering personal income tax;

2) Simplifying estate and donor’s tax;

3) Expanding the VAT base;

4) Increasing oil excise tax;

5) Increasing automobile excise tax; and

6) Introducing a sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) excise tax

Aligned with this, IAM Training Services is doing this workshop on 3 different dates (January 30, 2018, February 15, 2018, and March 15, 2018).

The Venue:

This is going to be held in The Pan Pacific Hotel-Manila Ballroom.

About the Speaker:

The consultant for this workshop is Atty. Froilyn P. Doyaoen-Pagayatan.

For Inquiries:

If interested to join the conference, you may click on this link to get Registration Instructions.

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